You may have had a valuation for insurance done many years ago, or your art may not (yet) be insured. Specific segments of the art market have sometimes changed dramatically since the late 20th Century. Some objects have become highly sought after in new markets, while others lost value due to the changing taste of younger generations and other new market trends.

To meet the increasing demand for professional and independent valuations of art and antique objects for various purposes, Art Consult has founded a specialised enterprise, Art Valuations in 2015. Art Valuations is dedicated to producing professional valuations of single objects and collections for the purpose of insurance, family division, inheritance, sales or execution, donation or estate tax. With certified and knowledgeable valuation experts combining over 100 years of experience at the highest market level. For categories outside our field of knowledge we work with trusted, experienced, independent specialists. Like us, these are always certified valuers, members of the Federatie TMV (

For the specific details about valuations by Art Valuations, our approach and our team, we refer you to the website of Art Valuations, both in Dutch and in English