Art Consult, Independent advice

Independent advice in the art market …. what does that mean for you?

When entering the art market for the first time, or even when you feel experienced in this market, it makes sense to work with a professional, independent advisor who not only shares your passion for art, but who also has the breath and depth of experience to guide you through the potential pitfalls of the present day art market which to most outsiders lacks transparency.

When you are interested in buying a single object or assembling a serious collection, many art historical, technical and financial considerations should be taken into account.
If you own a collection you may want a professional inventory. You may aim to keep a work or collection of art in the family long term, and ensure the best advice with regards to estate planning.
Owning a work of art means enjoying it on a daily basis, often leading to a very personal, emotional value. So once you consider selling it, many aspects play a role, including practical questions and financial issues that you may have no experience with.

Art Consult was founded in 1999 following increasing changes in the art market. Our formula is based on long-term personal relationships, transparent earnings, discretion and impartial, professional advice. This results in confidence and increasing knowledge with our clients, enriching their pleasure and experience in the market.

Art Consult is committed to giving precisely the advice and support you are seeking when you are active in the art market. We make sure that your transactions, be it at auction, with dealers or privately, run smoothly and that you can rely on making the right decision at the right moment. While we supply the road map and advise on directions, you remain in control of where you want to go.