Buying art is an art in its own right. When doing so, be it privately, with a dealer or at auction, most important is that your acquisition stands the test of time, so that ‘a thing of beauty remains a joy forever’.

The single piece for your house, a valuable addition to your collection, or possibly even a long term ‘investment’ – acquisitions can best be based on clear criteria which you can set with the professional advice of Art Consult. Such criteria include personal taste, quality, condition, rarity, price and an (annual) budget. Based on your wishes and criteria (which may be adjusted over time), Art Consult gives you professional, independent and discreet advice. 30 years of experience in the market and thorough art historical research for every object we face, enables Art Consult to advise you regarding all aspects of the transaction, in your full interest as a buyer. If required, acquisitions can be executed anonymously on behalf of the client.

Sometimes additional research is needed with regards to attribution, quality, dating, condition or provenance. In special cases we also ask the opinion of an external specialist or restorer.