Sharing your passion for art with a knowledgeable person is one of the pleasures of owning art. You may want to extend your collection if the chance arises, or share your views on how to build your collection further.

Based on our knowledge of fine art and our extensive experience in the art market, Art Consult will gladly be your regular sparring partner, also in the planning of the future of your collection. Specific segments of the art market have sometimes changed dramatically since the late 20th Century. Some objects have become highly sought after in new markets, while others have lost value due to the changing taste of younger generations and new market trends.

You might find a professional, illustrated inventory of your collection useful, also for insurance purposes. For this Art Consult works with an experienced and discreet photographer. A regular check of the condition of your collection may lead to timely conservation of certain pieces – we work with professional restorers where needed.